About Us

Hi Cookie Lovers!

I'm Brielle, the girl behind The Lazy Batch. I'm 33 years old and have two little boys. Life is BUSY! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here's a little bit about me, and my passion project that turned into a business.

The Lazy Batch started from a lifelong passion for baking and need for a creative outlet in the midst of the pandemic. In 2020 we sold our condo in Vancouver and began to rent a small townhouse until we found a place to call home.

I was raising a busy seven month old in a small townhouse with an even smaller kitchen and was feeling I was still missing something, another challenge perhaps.   This sparked my desire for a passion project and hobby. Over the holidays that year, I started to make cookies and freeze the dough from the recipes my dad would make us growing up. Because who doesn't want fresh cookies every night? These became instant favourites with friends and family.

I sold 70 dozen cookies in a couple months. I loved every part of it. Recipe testing, mixing, scooping, packaging, personalizing tags and instruction cards, and of course, quality checking. I was having fun. In the middle of a pandemic, I was having fun. And best of all, I was able to see my friends and family when they would pick up their cookies! If you knew me, you'd know one of my favourite things in this world is food. Eating food, serving food (15 years of it), making food, but most of all sharing food (my baking) with people and seeing the joy it brings them. 

In February, 2021 we moved to Kelowna. The following spring we welcomed another baby boy into our family! The first few months flew by as they do and then I was left with that longing feeling again to do something for myself, a creative outlet, a way to feel productive that didn't included kids! Another chance at sharing my love of baking with my new neighbours and friends? OK! Sign me up.

So I began baking those tried and true recipes I've been making for a years and selling them to friends and new neighbours. They became addicted. Started telling their friends and they started telling their friends, and reordering even before they ran out! This is when I knew I had something unique, and The Lazy Batch was born.

I know baking isn't always easy, but it should always be fun. Making gourmet, frozen cookie dough is the best way I could think of to make baking fun for anyone! Who doesn't love a fresh baked cookie right out of the oven? 

Stay Lazy, Batches!